meet cc

our mission

To give you a complete approach to self-care that rebuilds your strength, health, and youth from the inside out.

our values

care in all things

From the quality of our products to how we treat our customers.

nature + science

Delivering nature’s wisdom through modern processes.

beauty inside and out

Always starting within, but appreciating “the show” as well.  

aging gracefully

Anti-aging products that aren’t, you know, “anti-aging”.

our traceability

We are obsessed with bringing you the highest-quality products, made out of the highest-quality raw ingredients.

All of our products are derived from 100% grass-fed, grass-finished cattle raised in New Zealand— known for raising the world’s highest-quality animals, treated with the highest-degree of respect and care. We keep detailed records, and can trace the source for all of our raw ingredients for each of our batches.

We freeze dry our ingredients on-site in New Zealand, and ship them directly to the U.S.A. where they are encapsulated, bottled, and sent right to you.

our flagship product

complete collagen
collagen + bone marrow

Our complete collagen fills the gaps found in most collagen products. We give you gently-processed, world-class collagen and combine it with raw bone marrow to give you all of the fundamental nutrients you need to restore your youthful appearance, and radiate true, deep beauty that lasts.